NY Daily News Editorial Goes Off on Obama ‘Surrendering without Honor’

The New York Daily News, in a scathing editorial published on Wednesday, chastised President Barack Obama and his administration for agreeing to the prisoner swap in which five Taliban prisoners were released from Guantanamo Bay in exchange for captive Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl. President Obama “betrayed the highest obligation of his office,” The Daily News editorial read, “safeguarding national security.”

The Daily News accused the president of knowing that the dangerous prisoners he released are free now to move about as they please in Qatar and will likely return to terror. The editorial went on to say that the Rose Garden address in which Obama stood by the Bergdahl family to announce the captive soldier’s release was “a cynical act of theater.”

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Worse, Obama ran roughshod over the law requiring 30 days’ notice to Congress of a Gitmo release — and, reported Time, “dismissed long-standing Pentagon and intelligence community concerns based on top secret intelligence about the dangers of releasing the five men.”

The Daily News concluded by scolding the president for claiming that these forms of prisoner swaps are common as conflicts are wound down.

“In other words, he wants out so badly that he accepted the Taliban’s terms, regardless of the threat to American security,” the editorial concluded. “He is surrendering without honor.”

[Image via screengrab/The White House]

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