Parody of BBC Interview Toddlers Interrupted Asks What the Scenario Would Look Like for a Mom

This reimagining of the infamous Robert Kelly interview reversed the lead role’s gender.

Last week, people could talk of little else but the BBC interview with Kelly that was interrupted by first his toddler, then his baby, and finally, his wife, all of whom burst through the door behind him.

In the parody you see above, created by New Zealand comedy show duo Jono and Ben, a woman is giving an interview to the BBC in a study similar to Kelly’s when her child strolls into the room. Instead of continuing to give the interview, apologizing, and allowing her spouse to handle it, though, she scooped the tot up and gave her a bottle.

When her baby rolls in strapped into a bouncer, she flicks a toy in the general direction before producing a fully-cooked meal from somewhere near her desk. As her interviewer expresses shock and promises they can reschedule, she brushes him of and it goes on from there: She steams a shirt, defuses a bomb, and finally, helps her husband with the greatest challenge of all.

Watch above to see what it is.

[image via screengrab]


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