PETA Is Outraged at Obama for Appearing with ‘Sexist, Speciesist’ Bear Grylls

Did y’all know “speciesist” was a thing? Well, PETA says it is, and they used that word today to express their outrage at President Obama for something a few steps beyond fly-swatting.

Yes, PETA, the group that said the man who killed Cecil the Lion should be “preferably, hanged,” is really bothered by the president appearing with survivalist Bear Grylls on his reality show Running Wild for the following reasons:

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Take particular note of the word “speciesist,” which is basically discrimination of the animal kingdom kind (though presumably other species aren’t as quick to outrage as humans are, lacking vital tools such as Twitter and cable television).

PETA has protested Grylls in the past for the disturbing killing of a pig on one of his other shows.

[h/t Washington Times]
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