President Obama To Host A $35,800 Per Person Dinner In New York City

Want to have dinner with Barack Obama? Unless you’re relishing (Get it!? You guys?) chili dogs with the Commander in Chief in Toledo, you probably can’t afford it. Tonight, Obama is set to host a dinner at Chef Daniel Boulud‘s acclaimed Restaurant Daniel. And you can join him if you happen to have an extra $35,800 in couch change lying around your penthouse.

Eater NY has the dish lolol the details:

Tonight, Obama will host a $35,800 a head dinner at Boulud’s four star Upper East Side spot big hedge funders and financial world donors. Some potential invitees were miffed that Obama would make comments about Wall Street fat cats and then turn around and invite them to dine at one of the priciest restaurants in the city. The more interesting issue in this sector: what will Boulud serve and which wines will be poured.

Business Insider calls the dinner part of the Obama campaign’s plan to “win back the group of financiers that helped him cruise past McCain in 2008.”

We wonder what’s on the menu tonight.

h/t Eater

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