President Obama’s Latest Campaign Ad Exists In A Spoooooky Alternate Reality!

As we head ever onwards towards the 2012 election, we’ve seen a number of impressive campaign ads. There’ve been compelling ads, challenging ads, and gosh darned brilliant ads. To compete with all of these masterpieces, the campaign to reelect the President has gone where no other campaign has ever gone; an alternate reality!

The ad is entitled “What if…?” and it posits that, if President Obama weren’t reelected next year, all the progress made in 2008 would literally be erased. This makes complete sense. The GOP has already mastered the art of the action movie trailer so of course the President would fight back with science fiction. I mean, anyone who’s ever read a comic book knows that the phrase “What if…” promises infinite possibilities. Obama took that and then added on the rich idea of timelines being altered and erased.

This is a smart move. In a year when apes and their planets are finally back in theaters and the nation’s best sitcoms are examining alternate timelines, it’s clear that America is thirsty for speculative fiction. Still, there could have been so much more. If you’re going to do sci-fi, Obama campaign, go all the way. Surely, a GOP victory might lead to evil robot invasions, right?

But I’m quibbling. Not every ad can be perfect.

Watch the ad below:

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