Rachel Maddow Points And Laughs At Politico’s Coverage Of P90X Workout On Capitol Hill

On Tuesday night’s The Rachel Maddow Show, eponymous host Rachel Maddow noted what appears to be a peculiar pattern of reporting by Politico. Running down a litany of stories stretching back 20 months, Maddow noticed that the DC website had managed to mention the P90X workout ten times during that span, including several front page stories, and wondered aloud, “Are they (Politico) in love?”

While the criticism was made in a lighthearted fashion, it was also oddly vague. Is it that the P90X workout lacks sufficient gravity to warrant so many mentions? Is it that they’re desperate for clicks from the P90X press page? Exploiting Congressional abs for sex appeal?

In Politico’s defense, the P90X workout is something of a pop culture phenomenon, along the lines of the Slap Chop or the Snuggie, and its adoption by a group of congressmen is exactly the kind of trend you would expect a DC-centric site like Politico to identify, and track.

Ten mentions in twenty months might sound like a lot, but not when you measure it against the voracious demands of a 24-hour news cycle with a 7 second attention span.

On the other hand, that “X’ salute is goofy in the X-Treme.

Here’s the segment, from MSNBC:

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