Rep. Mo Brooks: Rob Porter Domestic Abuse Scandal is ‘Soap Opera News’

Rep. Mo Brooks (R-AL) has been omnipresent on cable news in recent days — slamming the budget deal as a “debt junkie’s dream.” But when it comes to other subjects, like the domestic abuse allegations against former senior White House aide Rob Porter, the Alabama Congressman is far less open to discussion.

In a New Day interview with Chris Cuomo, Brooks brushed aside inquiries about the Porter story with an eye-opening turn of phrase.

“Chris, to me, this is kind of soap opera news,” Brooks said.

Cuomo appeared stunned as he repeated the comment back to the Alabama Congressman.

“Domestic violence is soap opera news?” Cuomo said.

“I haven’t looked at the evidence,” Brooks replied. “I haven’t talked to a single witness who has personal knowledge. And I really much prefer if I’m going to be on your show to talk about public policy matters; deficit and debt, immigration, things of that nature. But when you talking about personnel matters, or what’s going on behind closed doors in a marital relationship that I know nothing about, I’m just not comfortable commenting on that.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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