Report: Man Claiming Mom Died in Iraq After Trump Ban Lied, According to Imam

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A Michigan man who claimed his mother died after she was unable to return to the US from Iraq after President Donald Trump signed an executive order banning immigration from seven Muslim-majority countries lied about when she died, according to an Imam who claims that she actually passed away before the ban was put in place.

Fox affiliate WJBK is reporting that Mike Hager, who on Tuesday told the station that his mother Naimma had died following Trump’s signing of the executive order, actually died five days before the order was signed, according to Imam Husham Al-Hussainy. 

Hager said he was allowed to return because he is an American citizen. But on Tuesday, he claimed that his mother, who was suffering from kidney disease, was denied entry.

“I really believe this in my heart: if they would have let us in, my mom – she would have made it and she would have been sitting right here next to me,” Hager said on Tuesday. “She’s gone because of (Trump).”

WJBK said they received questions about the veracity of Hager’s claim following the airing of their piece on Tuesday. The station confirmed what Imam Al-Hussainy told them, that Naimma passed away on Jan. 22. Trump’s executive order was signed on Jan. 27.

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