Rich Lowry: Trump Actually Said ‘Sh*thouse’ Instead of ‘Sh*thole,’ Rest of Reporting Accurate


On the Sunday morning shows today, Republicans who attended the immigration meeting in which President Donald Trump reportedly labeled immigrants from Haiti and African nations as “people from shithole countries” came to Trump’s defense, stating that his reported comments were misrepresented or that they couldn’t recall him saying those words.

Could it be that the president said a word that was extremely similar and used within the same context, and that this is what his defenders from that meeting are hanging their hat on? According to the National Review’s Rich Lowry, this might indeed be that case.

During a panel discussion on ABC’s This Week, Lowry explained that his sources have told him that instead of saying “shithole,” the president actually said “shithouse countries.”

“My understanding from the meeting is he used a different but very closely related vulgarity,” Lowry noted. “He said S-house, and not S-hole.”

The conservative commentator pointed out that regarding the president’s “general remarks,” Trump had “said them.” He added that the “general tenor of the discussion has been reported accurately.”

Lowry had previously reported this during a panel discussion in which he tangled with CNN political commentator Joan Walsh over whether she’d prefer to live in Norway or Haiti.

Watch the clip above, via ABC News.

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