Rubio: Yes, Of Course Obama Loves America

Today’s big political fight is about whether the President of the United States loves the United States. Oh, joy.

You would think this would be fairly uncontroversial, except that Rudy Giuliani contended it this week, and now every Republican is being asked the same question.

Some have avoided answering entirely, Bobby Jindal said the “gist” of it was good, but now one potential 2016 candidate is on record saying of course the president loves America. That candidate is Marco Rubio.

Rubio was asked what he thinks about the controversy. And first off, he made it clear it bugs him that Republicans are always asked to answer for one of their own, but “Democrats aren’t asked to answer every time Joe Biden says something embarrassing.”

That being said, Rubio said unequivocally, “I believe the president loves America. His ideas are bad.”

Aaaand there’s the distinction we were looking for. Can we end this debate now?

[h/t Chris Moody]
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