Rush Limbaugh Continues Warning GOP Not To Compromise, Asks Why Obama Never Has To

During today’s show, Rush Limbaugh pretended to have a conversation with his call screener James “Snerdley” Golden in which he was informed for the first time that his “winners never compromise” comments were getting a lot of play. Limbaugh claimed that, were the media to call him “the architect of no compromise,” well, then he’d “wear that hat proudly.” He certainly doubled down today, explaining that that was no such thing as a “moral victory” and asking why Democrats never have to compromise.

Limbaugh repeated his oft-used description of President Obama as “the least qualified in any room he walks into” and pegged the whole situation as being entirely based around Obama’s reelection. He asked why Republicans would want to help that in any way when the President was the one “on the ropes.” Saying the best thing they’d done so far was when they didn’t return Obama’s phone call and said the GOP should continue along those lines and just stop going to meet with him. Instead, he worried, the Republican establishment might cave in, afraid that they’d be “blamed for anything that happens.”

He continued, asking why Democrats never seemed to have to compromise. He claimed that there was no compromise in “Obamacare” and that the Right is “the mainstream. “The Tea Party is not made up of kooks,” Limbaugh said. “Obama is president of the kooks.”

Watch the clip below:

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