Sanders Allegedly Kicked Out of Hippie Commune in 1971

bernie-sanders1-300x197Bernie Sanders was allegedly asked to leave a hippie commune for engaging in “endless political discussion,” and not helping out with work.

This is according to the forthcoming book We Are As Gods by Kate Daloz, which tells the story of Myrtle Hill Farm, a commune in northeast Vermont that Sanders visited in 1971. Sanders had been visiting the commune while researching an article on “natural childbirth,” which appeared in the newsletter he edited for the Liberty Union Party.

According to the Washington Free Beacon‘s Blake Seitz:

Sanders’ idle chatter did not endear him with some of the commune’s residents, who did the backbreaking labor of running the place. Daloz writes that one resident, Craig, “resented feeling like he had to pull others out of Bernie’s orbit if any work was going to get accomplished that day.”

Sanders was eventually asked to leave. “When Bernie had stayed for Myrtle’s allotted three days, Craig politely requested that he move on,” Daloz writes.

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