Sen. Rubio Fined For Receiving Improper Donations During 2010 Senate Race

Florida Senator Marco Rubio has been officially fined by the Federal Election Commission for receiving hundreds of thousands of dollars in improper donations during his successful Senate race two years ago. The agency found that not only had Rubio received these improper donations from hundreds of individuals, but his campaign accepted illegal corporate contributions and thousands of dollars for his primary race even after the primary was over.

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According to POLITICO, Rubio’s campaign accepted $210,000 in improper contributions, and the FEC has fined him $8000 for it. Rubio received over $21 million in contributions in 2010. The Rubio campaign has now publicly admitted to the wrongdoing.

In a negotiated settlement finalized last month but only publicly released now, Marco Rubio for Senate acknowledged taking in more than $210,000 in “prohibited, excessive and other impermissible contributions” during his Senate campaign and failing to refund or “redesignate” the funds within the allowed time frame.

Even after an internal audit, the Rubio campaign failed to identify more than $83,000 in improper or incorrectly characterized contributions, according to a March 19 agreement between the campaign and the FEC.

This comes amid much speculation that Rubio is a top contender for a VP position in Mitt Romney‘s campaign.


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