Spicer on Recent Trump Flip-Flops: ‘Issues Are Evolving’

After a number of notable flip-flops by President Donald Trump in recent days, White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer is chalking up the President’s shifting policy positions to changes in the issues.

During his press briefing on Thursday, Spicer said that the President has remained firm in his stances, it’s just the circumstances that have changed.

“(I)f you look at what’s happened, those entities, or individuals in some cases, or issues, are evolving towards the President’s position,” Spicer said.

Trump has recently shifted course on a number of major positions. Notably, he has backed off of calling NATO obsolete, he no longer considers China to be currency manipulators, and he ordered missile strikes in Syria after advocating against military action in that country for years.

Spicer pointed to NATO — and only NATO — as an example of an issue on which the President changed his mind because of changing circumstances.

“NATO, in particular, he talked about the need of countries to pay their fair share,” Spicer said. “To live up to their commitments of two percent of GDP. He talked about the need for NATO to focus more on terrorism. NATO has done just that.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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