Ted Cruz’s Office Rips NYT: ‘Openly Mocking’ Cruz’s Ethnicity

New York Times op-ed contributor Ann Louise Bardach wrote an op-ed last week about Cubans in America and “Cuban privilege” compared to “refugees fleeing death squads or drug cartels.”

She brings up how the three current Hispanic United States senators––Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, and Robert Menendez––are all of Cuban descent. Bardach notes that “none have especially strong bona fides among most Latinos,” and calls them “second-generation white Cuban exiles.”

Then Bardach singles out Cruz and says he “has been called as Hispanic ‘as Tom Cruise.'”

This apparently angered the senator’s office so much that his communications director, Amanda Carpenter, wrote a letter to the editor (published in the Times today) scolding the paper for letting that fly:

Your decision to allow an Op-Ed writer to openly mock a person’s ethnicity — as Ann Louise Bardach did when she wrote that Senator Ted Cruz “has been called as Hispanic ‘as Tom Cruise’ ” — is saddening.

She was using the comment to bludgeon Mr. Cruz’s principled policy positions regarding United States-Cuba relations, suggesting that, if he disagrees with her, Mr. Cruz is not truly Cuban — despite his father’s having been imprisoned and tortured in Cuba, and coming to America penniless.

An Op-Ed writer is not the arbiter of a person’s race or ethnicity, and it is unfortunate that The New York Times would allow someone a platform to pretend so.

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