Teen Fined $200 for Swearing in the Vicinity of a Playground

A Michigan teenager was fined two hundred dollars for swearing near a playground. A cop gave Colin Andersen‘s friend a ticket for skateboarding, according to Livingston Daily, and Andersen vented by muttering, “This is fucking bullshit.” This resulted in Andersen getting his own ticket as well, which as far as he’s concerned, is also some f*cking b*llshit as well.

Andersen claims they were told to leave after his friend was ticketed, and started arguing with the officer a bit, which is when he dropped the profanity. He insists he only said it under his breath and there were no children who actually heard what he said.

Brighton Police Chief Tom Wightman explained that unruly teenagers hanging out downtown can be a problem for them. Andersen attempted to fight the ticket in court, and lost. He says the officer should have at least given him a warning, which the police testified to in court, but that Andersen denied actually happened.

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