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The Daily Obsession: Nuking The Nukes

It’s the Cold War all over again– or is it? Cable news pundits can’t decide whether Barack Obama‘s decision to end the production of nuclear weapons and prohibit their use against non-nuclear powers was a bold step into the future or the worst 80s flashback since Hot Tub Time Machine. And what about the little exception of Iran?

On the one hand, Obama’s new policy will definitively work towards limiting the number of nuclear weapons on the earth. On the other, the new policy is pretty clear on not extending to nations that do not comply with nuclear non-proliferation treaties, which just so happen to include most of the nations likely to tempt the United States to bring out the nukes, like Iran and North Korea. If the policy only bans nuclear attacks on countries we don’t want to nuke, does it ban any nuclear attacks at all?

Here’s Newsweek‘s Daily Obsession:

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