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This Happened: MSNBC Reports ‘President Obama is Not the Founder of ISIS’

1trump1Yes, folks, it has come to this. In just one more surreal moment in a campaign that would give Federico Fellini a headache, MSNBC reporter Hallie Jackson was forced to deadpan a point of information for the network’s viewers that would stump any patient currently waking from a year-long coma. In explaining Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump‘s latest defense of his latest controversial remarks, Jackson felt compelled to mention that current sitting President of the United States Barack Obama is not, in fact, the individual who founded the terrorist organization ISIS:

You know, we have to say, obviously, President Obama is not the founder of ISIS.

During the interview to which Jackson was referring, Trump did, indeed, reiterate his claim, but he also explained why he continues to call Obama the ISIS “founder,” an explanation which Jackson’s disclaimer vividly illustrates. Interviewer Hugh Hewitt expressed a preference for more precise language, and Trump responded that “they wouldn’t talk about your language, and they do talk about my language, right?”

In addition to getting news outlets to repeat his argument over and over again, Trump has also managed to at least partially supplant his remark about “Second Amendment people” from the news cycle.

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