‘This Is On You, Ann’: Hugh Hewitt Confronts Coulter on Nikki Haley, Cruz’s Citizenship


Conservative radio host Hugh Hewitt confronted Ann Coulter in a still-friendly back and forth tonight for her angry tweeting about Nikki Haley and her continued doubts about Ted Cruz‘s citizenship status.

After Coulter went off on Haley’s immigration/Donald Trump comments and the Washington establishment, Hewitt remarked, “Ann, I feel like I’m talking to the arsonist who burned down the building and then is upset with the ashes.”

He said there was “no anti-Trump stuff” in Haley’s remarks, which Coulter disputed, given Haley’s admission to such today. Hewitt shot back that she only said so in reaction to a question, telling Coulter, “I think Ann Coulter started all this. I think this is on you, Ann.”

They clashed over what Haley was saying about immigration, with Coulter saying he must have missed the part where Haley “expressly said we just need good vetting for Muslims.” Hewitt still insisted Haley has a strong anti-immigration stance.

Hewitt also pivoted to Coulter’s doubts about Cruz being a natural-born citizen. She stuck to her belief that Cruz is a citizen, telling Hewitt, “You cannot be natural born unless you are the child of an ambassador, or if we were in a monarchy, but we’re not, a child of the king himself.”

He started to cry “Ann, you can’t just make stuff…” as Coulter continued to make her point. Hewitt just asked, “Ann––and I respect that you hold this position forcefully––but would you acknowledge that you are a minority of about three?”

Coulter shot back, “The law is the law, and I don’t care how many people agree with me.”

Listen to the entire exchange above, via The Hugh Hewitt Show.

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