Trump Boasts About ‘Great Job’ on Hurricane Florence, Says Dems Will Soon Tell ‘Total Lie’ That Response Was Weak


Donald Trump is preemptively attacking Democrats for what he believes will be their response on government’s reaction to Hurricane Florence.

The southeastern coast of the U.S. is still dealing with significant floods and devastation that the storm caused throughout the weekend. And Trump, according to CNN, will travel down to the Carolinas tomorrow to surveil the damage. But in the meantime, the president is sniping at Democrats because he believes they will inevitably push a “total lie” about how the government will botch recovery efforts.

Trump’s new tweets come days after he claimed that the number of deaths related to Hurricane Maria — reported to be nearly 3,000 — was concocted by Democrats in order to attack the government’s response to the disaster. Trump faced significant criticism for those remarks even among friendly circles.

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