Trump Cheerleaders’ Bizarre ‘Ameritude’ Video Quietly Removed for Copyright Infringement

“Enemies of freedom / Face the music”
The Official Donald Trump Jam

The official Trump cheer song that put the world on notice that this nation’s got “Ameritude” has been removed from the campaign’s YouTube page because of a copyright infringement claim.

Screen Shot 2016-01-27 at 12.58.20 AM

Trump’s ditty, as OregonLive noted when it first surfaced two weeks ago, borrowed its melody from the 1917 rallying war cry “Over There,” a WWI recruitment number that popularized the phrase “Johnny, get your gun.” The song was written by George M. Cohan, and the publishing rights are currently controlled by EMI Music, which issued a take-down notice.

But trying to delete anything from the Web is like trying to stuff a sneeze back in. And thankfully, “Ameritude” will be with us always, flaunting copyright laws and inspiring the “fiercely free” whose “Colors don’t run” to “celebrate our freedom / Inspire, proudly, freedom to the world!

The lyrics to Trump’s rallying song were courageously transcribed by Politico.

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