Trump Quotes Fox News Chyron to Slam Obama, ‘Witch Hunt’ Russia Investigation

President Trump seems to be watching Fox’s The Five tonight, seeing as he just quoted one of their chyrons while taking a swing at Barack Obama and the “witch hunt” Russia investigation.

Here’s the chyron in question:

In recent days, Trump has been attacking his predecessor on Twitter by saying that if Russian election interference happened, it was Obama’s fault for not stopping it. The Five was discussing Trump’s tweets tonight, along with the recent report about how Obama knew what the Russians were trying to do before Election Day.

During the segment, Jesse Watters pointed to a statement Obama gave last year where he said there was “no serious person out there” who could suggest it was possible rig an American presidential election. At the time, Obama said Trump should “stop whining” about the rigged system and make his appeal to America.

While there is no evidence that Russia changed the counts of voting machines, the investigations into Russia’s hacking and disinformation campaigns are still ongoing.

You can watch the Fox News clip (including Obama’s relevant remarks) above.

[Image via screengrab]

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