WATCH: Giant Dog Welcomes Soldier Home After Nine Months Apart

We’ve just learned that there is website called Welcome Home Blog that has daily videos of military homecomings. This is, of course, wonderful for anyone who wants to be reduced to a sobbing pile of tears on a daily basis but is tired of watching the end of Toy Story 3 over and over. Anyway, today’s video is pretty wonderful. Sure, it’s probably impossible to have a military homecoming video that isn’t wonderful, but this one’s a little different. In it, the returning soldier is greeted by his enormous dog who welcomes him with all the excitement one would normally expect from the more human members of the family.

On the blog, the family describes the video like so:

“After a long 9 months apart, our dog, Emmitt Thunderpaws, is REALLY HAPPY to see his favorite person again! He smelled him in the house and then ran outside to greet him. Dogs are awesome :)”

Seriously, I don’t think there’s ever going to be a better video out there for patriotic Americans and dog-lovers alike. At least, not until someone trains an entire pet shop to bark “Ooorah!” en masse or something.

Watch the video below:

(h/t The Daily What)

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