WATCH: Jimmy Kimmel Imagines Pence 2020 in New Ad

As we have all heard, Mike Pence is definitely not running for president in 2020. Nope, no way, not even thinking about it, never crossed his mind, nothing to see here.

Jimmy Kimmel, took a moment out of last night’s airing of Jimmy Kimmel Live to talk about how Vice President Pence is perfectly happy just where he is.

Yes sir. No two ways about it.

“The Times had a story that said Mike Pence, the vice president, is planning to run for president if Trump doesn’t run for a second term,” said Kimmel. “Pence got nervous and issued a statement strongly denying all of it.”

The comedian continued.

“He said the suggestion he’s running for president in 2020 was ‘laughable’ and ‘absurd'” said Kimmel, adding a quip. “Right, why would Mike Pence want to be president in 2020, he’s going to be resident much much sooner.”

In any case, Kimmel treated viewers to a (not) Pence 2020 campaign ad, which was funny — if only because it was a little too real.

“Mike Pence is a dedicated public servant, with the vision and passion it takes to lead this country … not that he wants to,” an announcer reads

— and it goes from there.

[image via screengrab]

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