WATCH: Polling Expert Eats Bug on CNN Following Unpredicted Election Results

Sam Wang, the founder of the Princeton Election Consortium, ate a bug on CNN as Michael Smerconish looked on because the polls got the election so, so, so wrong this year. He promised he would eat one if Donald Trump won the presidency…

…and so he did.

Seriously, almost every single prediction said that Hillary Clinton would win but Trump still took home the presidency. As Smerconish pointed out, Wang is a man of his word.

“This is a can of gourmet-style crickets — gourmet from the point of a view of a pet, I should say,” he commented as he held up a tin. “I’m told that, um, it’s a great source of protein and so on. Now I should say that before I do this, let’s chat for a second. I think that the ‘eating bug’ thing is itself sensationalist and it keeps us off of important policy issues.”

He wavered for a little longer but eventually had to bite in. He mixed his gourmet crickets with honey because that’s what John the Baptist did in the wilderness and he considers himself to currently be in the wilderness, too.

[image: screengrab]

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