Watching Joe Scarborough Tearfully Address His Mother’s 84th Birthday Will Make You Cry Too

At the conclusion of most Morning Joe episodes, the hosts quite literally stand around and talk about what they learned that day, some oddity or quirk in the news or self-referential joke from the broadcast. On Wednesday however, Joe Scarborough pushed aside the normal banter to address the birthday of his mother, who has been suffering from memory loss for several years.

The host’s mother, Mary Joanna Scarborough, turns 84 today, and as the MSNBC host recounted, the family has been challenged in recent years due to her condition.

Scarborough recounted:

“Today’s a very special day for my family, a very special day for me. It’s my mom’s birthday… She’s lost most of her memory, and we were having a talk with her around the table a few months back. And she asked, ‘Did I have a good life?’ because she doesn’t remember much anymore. And I said, ‘Yeah Mom. We’ve had a great life, and we’ve had a great life thanks to you.'”

On the screen appeared an undated photo of a young Scarborough and his mother riding what appears to be the Tea Cups at Disney World, captioned with the hand-written words, “Mom & Joey.”

Kleenex in hand? Watch the above emotional address from MSNBC’s Morning Joe.

[image via screengrab]

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