WikiLeaks Shows Clinton Gave Highly-Scripted Answer During MSNBC Interview

hillaryA newly released email from the WikiLeaks hack appears to show Hillary Clinton giving an incredibly scripted interview during a phone conversation she gave to MSNBC’s Chris Hayes.

The transparency organization circulated a video from InfoWars’ Paul Joseph Watson on Wednesday morning, which broke down an email thread held between Jennifer Palmieri, John Podesta, Brian Fallon, and several other Clinton campaign higher-ups. The conversation talks about how Clinton’s upcoming interview, and her various staffers voiced their thoughts on what Clinton ought to talk about if tax proposals come up.

Hayes did question Clinton over tax hikes, and as the video shows, her answer almost completely identical to what her staff recommended.

While it shows that Clinton was prepared for the question, the exchange does invite further concerns about the media’s relationship with Clinton. Other recently-leaked emails have indicated a friendly connection between Clinton and certain reporters, which has not escaped notice from her critics.

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