You Won’t Believe Who The Most Negatively Covered Candidate This Election Season Is…

You probably think that Donald Trump has received the most negative press coverage since announcing his campaign for president last summer, but that’s not right. In fact, it is Hillary Clinton to whom that honor belongs. Between Benghazi, her emails, the whole barking thing, and her social media gaffes, the woman has been racking up the negativity.

A new analysis of the Washington Post, Politico, Fox News, the Huffington Post, and CNN has now proven it, and Vox reported on it, saying this of the company that ran the analysis:

Crimson Hexagon then took more than 170,000 posts by these outlets — stories published from January 1, 2015, until close to today — and ran them through their “auto-sentiment” tool. The software scans tens of thousands of stories within minutes for positive or negative language, sorts them into separate buckets, and tallies up the results.

Vox proposed that Clinton being hammered by the media is indicative of the media’s generally favorable view of her chances at the presidency. Check out the graph over at their site and then let us know what you think of that theory.

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