Zuckerberg and Bill Gates Make Light of Being Harvard Dropouts in New Video

Harvard University featured two of their most famous dropouts — Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates — in a new YouTube video on Tuesday that previewed the Facebook CEO’s upcoming commencement address at the Ivy League school.

Zuckerberg first recalled that Gates spoke at his wife’s commencement ten years ago in 2007. The Microsoft founder replied by emphasizing that he had a good time speaking to that graduating class. Facebook’s creator then initiated a short tongue-in-cheek exchange with the fellow billionaire about how they both didn’t graduate from Harvard. Zuckerberg also asked Gates to help him with his planned speech.

MARK ZUCKERBERG: They know we didn’t actually graduate, right?

BILL GATES: Oh, that is the best part! They actually give you a degree!

ZUCKERBERG: You don’t even have to go to class?

GATES: No, no! You just put that degree on your resume, and it looks great!

ZUCKERBERG: Can you help me figure out what I’m going to say?

GATES: Yeah! We should work on it together. Let’s go get some more snacks.

ZUCKERBERG: All right. So you get to wear the hat and everything?

GATES: Yeah, you bet! Don’t wear anything underneath. (Zuckerberg laughs)

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