‘Moron in America’: George Conway Responds to Trump, Mocks His ‘Abject Self Pity’


If President Donald Trump was hoping that his latest rage tweets would prompt George Conway to back off on criticizing him, it looks like he’ll have to try again.

The Lincoln Project, a Never Trump group helmed by Kellyanne Conway’s husband, recently released an ad titled “Mourning in America,” that tore apart Trump’s leadership throughout the coronavirus crisis. The ad ended up getting the president’s attention, for he unleashed an early morning tweetstorm blasting the video and the most prominent conservatives behind it.

Mr. Conway’s negative opinion of his wife’s boss has been publicly established for a while, and he and Trump have exchanged fire multiple times as Conway’s wife took the president’s side. Trump used his diatribe to reignite his feud with Mr. Conway in particular, calling him “Moonface” and Kellyanne’s “deranged loser of a husband.”

In response, Mr. Conway added “Moonface” to his Twitter biography.

He also issued a series of tweets responding to the president.

And here’s some of his retweets:

Also, as a little bonus, here’s how Rick Wilson is taking it since the president attacked him too:

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