comScore Ted Cruz Thinks Democrats Want to Bring Tofu and Dyed Hair to Texas

Ted Cruz Reportedly Thinks Democrats Want to Bring Tofu and Dyed Hair to Texas


Sen. Ted Cruz wants more than a strong border wall to stop people from crossing the border illegally.

He also thinks Texas should remain relatively tofu free.

Cruz is currently running against Democratic challenger Beto O’Rourke to keep his Senate seat.

He is also in a fight, apparently, to keep things Democrats like — like tofu and dyed hair — out of his home state of Texas.

Speaking to a rally in Texas, according to Reuters’ James Oliphant, Cruz warned Democrats want to turn Texas into California with their “tofu, silicon, and dyed hair.”

CNN also reported Cruz’s remarks.

“We are seeing tens of millions of dollars flooding into the state of Texas from liberals all over the country who desperately want to turn the state of Texas blue,” Cruz reportedly said. “They want us to be just like California, right down to tofu and silicon and dyed hair.”

Not to say that Cruz has already lost the tofu battle, but Texas already has over 20 Whole Foods throughout the state.

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