Trump Tells Eric Bolling that Adam Schiff is ‘Very Bad Guy’ But Won’t Say He ‘Colluded’ With Whistleblower


President Donald Trump spoke with America This Week host Eric Bolling in a one-on-one interview from South Carolina on Friday, and though he bashed “the investigators” and said Democratic Rep. Adam Schiff is “a very bad guy,” he dodged the question of whether Schiff, as Bolling put it, “colluded” with the Ukraine call whistleblower.

In discussing the news from Friday that Attorney General William Barr‘s “administrative review” of the origins of the Russia investigation has now become a “criminal inquiry,” the President told Bolling that he thinks the investigators investigating the investigators will “find a lot.”

“A lot of terrible things, I would say, happened,” said Trump. “And they’re going to find out.”

He said that former DNI James Clapper and former CIA Director John Brennan are “very bad people” and that “they were very bad for the country.” He also named former FBI Director James Comey and former FBI deputy director Andrew McCabe, and implied a plot including former President Barack Obama, whom he described as “treasonous” in comments revealed Friday.

“Probably went all the way to the top,” he said pointedly to Bolling.

Bolling asked specifically about Adam Schiff, who has been the object of particular presidential rage with regard to the Ukraine call whistleblower.

“Do you think Adam Schiff collaborated, colluded, whatever, with this whistleblower?” asked Bolling.

“He’s a very bad guy, he’s doing anything they can to find something. This started from before I even got elected, this whole horrible situation with impeachment. It’s a dirty word to me, it’s a very dirty word,” said Trump. “I had a perfect conversation in the current case, but I’ve been fighting this for three years.”

Although he stepped over the question of whether or not Schiff “colluded” or “collaborated” with the whisteblower, he did suggest Schiff might himself be the whisteblower earlier this week.

Trump continued, discussing Peter Strzok and Lisa Page, and their talk of the “insurance policy” should Trump win. “The insurance policy is ‘we’re gonna go get him,” said Trump.

“It’s a disgrace for our country, it hurts us internationally, it hurts us within the country, and it’s a very sad thing,” he said. He then added his reaction to the news of the stepped-up investigation by Barr, saying, “I’m very happy. When I read the papers this morning I was extremely happy.”

Watch the interview above, courtesy of Sinclair Broadcast Group.

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