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Justice Department Launches New ‘Pay to Play’ Investigation Into Clinton Foundation

Russian Lawyer from Don Jr. Meeting Reportedly Said He Asked for Info on Clinton Foundation

Jeff Sessions Looking at Appointing Special Counsel to Investigate Clinton Foundation

Watchdog Group Accuses Clinton State Dept of ‘Pay-to-Play’ After Obtaining New Emails in Lawsuit

Clinton Global Initiative Plans to Shut Down Following HRC’s Election Loss

Clinton Aide: Foundation Can’t Have ‘Too Many Rules’ or Bill Would Have ‘Serious Conflicts’

NBC News’ Pete Williams Reports FBI ‘Really Isn’t’ Conducting Clinton Foundation Investigation

Report: FBI Believes Five Foreign Intelligence Agencies Hacked Clinton Server (UPDATE)

Recordings Led to FBI, DOJ Battle Over Whether to Investigate Clinton Foundation

Report: Justice Department Blocked FBI Probe of Clinton Foundation

‘I Just Don’t See How They Can Keep That Going’: Chuck Todd Calls On Clinton Foundation To Be Shut Down

Clintons Defend Foundation’s Record: It’s a ‘Charity, and Somehow That Has Gotten Lost’

Morning Joe Hosts Rip Into ‘Morally Defecit,’ ‘Sleazy’ Clinton Foundation

Hillary Considered Several Billionaire and CEO Clinton Foundation Donors for VP

HuffPo Senior Editor: Leaked Emails Confirm the ‘Worst Portraits of the Clintons’

Who Exactly Is Carlos Slim, the Mexican Billionaire Trump Went After?

Hacker With Alleged Ties to Russia Claims to Have Clinton Foundation Files

Bill Denies Chelsea Clinton Staying on Foundation Would Be Conflict of Interest: ‘We All Know People’

MSNBC Host Shuts Down Trump Supporter: ‘What You Just Said is Actually Not Accurate’

After Two Weeks, and Much Criticism, AP Deletes Misleading Tweet About Clinton Foundation

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