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Hugo Chavez

Protesters in Venezuela Pull Down Statue of Hugo Chavez Amid Deadly Turmoil

Remember When Sean Penn Wanted to Throw Actual Journalists in Prison?

Sean Penn: Venezuela’s President Faces Same Challenges Obama Faced in 2009

Venezuelan Beauty Queen Among 6 Killed in Anti-Government Protests

NY Politician Joins Village Voice’s Rogues Gallery of 9/11 Truthers, Hugo Chavez, and Occupy

Are The Media Turning Trayvon Martin’s Mother Into Cindy Sheehan?

Cheerio! Google Starts Interactive Father’s Day Doodle With Image Of Black Dad

Laura Ingraham Rips AP Over Thatcher Obituary: Why Doesn’t MSM Accuse Obama Of ‘Imposing His Will?’

Tale Of Two Obituaries: AP Basks In Legacy Of Chavez, Sneers At Accomplishments Of Thatcher

Google’s Easter Gaffe Brings Out The Stupid In Conservatives

Acting Venezuelan President: Hugo Chavez May Have Influenced Jesus To Pick A South American Pope

Jesse Jackson’s ‘Tribute’ At Chavez Funeral: He Fed Hungry, Lifted Poor, Helped People ‘Realize Their Dreams’

Why Did GQ Pull Naomi Campbell’s Hugo Chávez ‘Rebel Angel’ Interview…Yesterday?

The Food Sovereignty Legacy: How Hugo Chavez’ Programs Can Inform US Efforts To Fight Hunger

The Nation Eulogizes Hugo Chavez: He ‘Wasn’t Authoritarian Enough’

Morning Joe Takes On Chavez’s ‘Mixed Legacy,’ Hollywood Supporters: Largely About ‘Sticking It To’ Bush

NY Democrat Stands Out In Congress By Tweeting Praise For Hugo Chavez

Last Call: Hugo Chavez Dies, Leaving Behind Controversial Agricultural Programs In Venezuela

The Five Sheds No Tears Over Hugo Chavez’ Death On Fox: Won’t ‘Be Missed By Anybody’

Bolivia Is Cutting Ties With Coca-Cola Because The Mayan Calendar Predicted ‘The End Of Capitalism’

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