Marla Maples

You Can Own Candlesticks From Trump and Marla Maples’ Home For a Mere $6,000

Trump Reportedly Called Ex-Wife’s Family ‘Dumb Southerners’, Despite Claiming He Never Used Term

New York Post Pays Homage to Infamous Trump Cover For Rex Tillerson Firing: ‘Worst Rex He Ever Had’

Donny Deutsch is Reportedly Dating Trump’s Second Wife

Taxpayers Paid at Least $100K for Tiffany Trump to Vacation in Italy

Like Steve Bannon, Tiffany Trump is Registered to Vote in Two States

Stylist Claims Marla Maples Tried to Get Free Inauguration Day Services in Exchange for ‘Exposure’

Donald Trump Says He’s Proud of His Daughter Tiffany ‘To a Lesser Extent’

Apparently, Melania Trump Plagiarized Again…This Time Copying Marla Maples Of All People

‘I Don’t Think It’s A Sin’: Trump Had an Interesting Take On Adultery In 1990

Trump Reportedly ‘Threw a Fit’ on the Set of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

Trump on His Past Affairs: ‘I Never Discuss It. It Was Never a Problem.’

Marla Maples Says Tiffany Trump is Currently ‘Wanting to Get to Know Her Dad’

Trump Threatened to Cut Off Alimony to Marla Maples if She Spoke Negatively About Him

Vintage Trump: My Wife Shouldn’t Work Because I’ll ‘Go Through the Roof’ If Dinner Isn’t Ready

Former People Reporter on 1991 ‘John Miller’ Phone Call: It’s ‘Absolutely’ Trump

Trump Told a Tabloid He Was Getting Divorced Before He Told His Wife

Inside Edition Trots Out Old Video of O.J. Simpson At Marla Maples’ and Trump’s Wedding

Marla Maples Reacts to Trump’s Anti-Heidi Tweets: We Have to ‘Keep the Peace’

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