Melissa Harris-Perry Jokes About Mormons ‘Changing Their Minds About Black Folks Having Souls’

Whoopi Presses Ann Romney On Sons’ Lack Of Military Service: Does Mormonism Not Allow It?

Harry Reid: Mitt Romney Has ‘Sullied’ The Mormon Faith

Morning Joe: Romney ‘Put Himself In A Swiss Account,’ Unable To Openly Discuss Beliefs And Accomplishments

New Poll Shows Conservative Republicans Increasingly Believe Obama Is Muslim

Brian Williams Asks Mitt Romney About His Mormon Faith: ‘Are You A Hidden Man?’

The Daily Beast’s Andrew Sullivan Won’t Give Up The Mormon Thing

Glenn Beck: Electing A Mormon President Would Be ‘Just As Historic’ As Electing First Black President

Chris Rock Takes Jab At ‘Romney’s Crew’: Mormons Believed Black People Were The Devil

Andrew Sullivan Questions How Romney’s Mormonism Influences His Foreign Policy

Pastor Joel Osteen Responds To Backlash For Saying Romney’s Belief In Christ Is ‘Good Enough’ For Him

Morning Joe Panel Questions Whether Obama Campaign Will Covertly Use Romney’s Religion To Make Him Seem ‘Weird’

Fox & Friends Anchors Grill ‘Anti-Mormon’ Pastor Jeffress Over His Flip-Flop On Romney

Lawrence O’Pology: Lawrence O’Donnell Apologizes For Remarks About Mormonism

Bill O’Reilly Slams Lawrence O’Donnell For ‘Smearing’ Mormonism As ‘Invented Religion’

How Could Mitt Romney Sit In That Church For 31 Years?

Chris Matthews Fires Back: ‘Glenn Beck Is A Nincompoop’ Who Misunderstood ‘Cult’ Comment

Santorum Supporter Rev. O’Neal Dozier Holds Press Conference Asking Romney To Renounce ‘Racist’ Religion

NY Times’ Charles Blow Apologizes For ‘Magic Underwear’ Comment

The M-Word: GOP Debates Have Strayed Away From Addressing Mormonism

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