nuclear weapons

Trump Thinks He Could Talk Kim Jong Un Out of Having Nukes

CNN Uses Chyrons to Fact-Check a Trump Speech on Nukes As He Gives It

Bobby Knight Praises Trump Because He Has ‘the Guts’ to Drop an A-Bomb

Obama Responds to Trump on Nukes: He Has No Idea What He’s Talking About

Trump Tells a Bewildered Matthews He Can’t Rule Out Using Nukes in Europe

Olbermann: Trump Getting Nukes Seems More Realistic Right Now Than ISIS Getting Nukes

Trump Spox Asks What the Purpose Is of Nuclear Triad ‘If You’re Afraid to Use It’

Donald Trump Won’t Rule Out Using Nuclear Weapons Against ISIS

George Will: Do We Really Want to Give Nuclear Weapons to Donald Trump?

Dem Candidate Jim Webb: Iran Deal Looks Like We’re Accepting They’ll Get a Nuke

Obama Sent ‘Secret Letters’ to Iran’s Khamenei for Help with ISIS

Iranian Foreign Minister: WH Misrepresenting Deal, ‘We Did Not Agree to Dismantle Anything’

WATCH: President Obama Delivers Statement on Iranian Nuclear Deal

World Powers and Iran Reach Deal on Limiting Iranian Nuclear Program

Guess Which Country Major Political Donor Sheldon Adelson Wants to Nuke

GOP Senator Suggests Obama Would Like To Get Rid Of Military Altogether

Israeli PM Netanyahu Literally Draws ‘Red Line’ For Iran Nukes In Stern U.N. Speech

Your New Favorite Political Pundit José Canseco Delivers Nuanced Take On Gun Control

President Obama To AIPAC On Iran Nuke Threat: ‘I Will Not Hesitate To Use Force’

Limbaugh Blasts Ron Paul For ‘Running To The Left Of President Obama’ On Iran

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