Rick Wilson: Trump Spends His Mornings ‘Hoovering Up Rails of Adderall and Rage Tweeting’

On Wednesday, political strategist Rick Wilson — a Republican who has emerged as a biting critic of President Donald Trump — gave his version of how the man spends his mornings in the White House during a panel on CNN Tonight.

Wilson said Democrats on the House of Representative side will not give in to Trump’s demand for border wall funding, no matter what he does.

“No matter how many times Donald Trump tweets, no matter how much he spends his morning ‘executive time’ hoovering up rails of Adderall and rage tweeting, it’s not going to change where Pelosi is,” he said. “So as long as she holds the line, this thing is gonna go on until Trump feels the pain level rise.”

According to Wilson, it would be the Democrats on the Senate side that would cave in to Trump.

“Shutdowns never work out politically for anybody,” he added. “As much as Republicans think the rules have changed, there are 800,000 people not a paycheck right now. And there not just in D.C., but across the country,”  he continued, pointing out many people are blaming Republicans for the shutdown.

Wilson lamented his choice of words on Twitter the following morning:

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