Trump Takes to Twitter to Call Out CNN’s Chris Cuomo Over a Tweet Typo: ‘is = if (Spell)!’


President Donald Trump took to Twitter tonight to call out a CNN Twitter account for a misspelled word.

No, seriously.

Several people were a little confused when the president tweeted out “is = if (Spell)! Not like Chris.”

So here’s what is going on. Trump responded to a tweet from Geraldo Rivera blasting Bill Maher for his comments about the president to CNN’s Chris Cuomo earlier this week.

Rivera responded to a tweet from Cuomo Prime Time featuring a clip of Maher expressing concern that Trump “won’t go” if he loses in 2020.

However, the CNN tweet contained a typo, saying “Trump may not leave the White House is he loses” instead of “if” he loses.

So yes, the president tonight called out a CNN tweet for a typo. In responding to Geraldo Rivera’s tweet about the CNN tweet.

Of course, the irony of the president calling out anyone else for typos on Twitter shouldn’t be lost here

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