Bob Costas to Maher: Liberals Should Be Calling Out PC ‘Bullsh*t’

Bob Costas joined Bill Maher tonight to talk politics, guns, and the politically correct “bullshit” that both of them are getting tired of.

Maher brought up Costas’ infamous Sunday Night Football commentary about American gun culture, which Costas completely stood by. He told Maher that of course there are limits on what kind of weapons civilians should get access to, like “cop-killer armor-piercing bullets” or bazookas or tanks.

Maher then asked Costas if he thinks politically correct culture is “kind of out of hand,” citing President Obama‘s reluctance to say “Islamic extremism.” Costas said, “You need people on the left to call this bullshit out.”

Costas also said conservatives need to be calling out right-wing bullshit too, and lamented the selective nature of cable news where people just stick to their partisan corners. He asked, “Why can’t people with common sense hold two truths in their head at the same time?”

Watch the video below, via HBO:

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