Bret Baier Confronts Jim Jordan: ‘What About the Substance’ of Trump’s Actions?


Fox News’ Bret Baier repeatedly confronted Congressman Jim Jordan (R-OH) tonight to address the actual substance of President Donald Trump‘s actions instead of just continuing to blast Michael Cohen.

Jordan today accused Cohen of being bitter about not getting a White House job, and at one point after ripping Cohen, the president’s former lawyer fired back by saying it’s “interesting” he and his Republican colleagues seemingly have no interest in asking about President Donald Trump‘s actions.

And Chris Christie agreed with that sentiment, saying on ABC during the hearing that Republicans have absolutely not defended Trump “on the substance” at all.

After Jordan trashed Cohen’s lack of credibility tonight, Baier asked him about the “specifics of the hush payments” made by Trump.

Jordan dismissively said “there was no new evidence here” before returning to blasting Cohen and saying you can’t believe what he says. He added, “This was the first step in the Democrats’ crazy impeachment plan.”

Baier then played the clip of Christie saying Republicans aren’t defending Trump on the substance. Baier asked him to respond and Jordan immediately said, “Michael Cohen can’t be trusted.” He proceeded to go on another tear against Cohen.

Baier tried again, asking, “When he repeatedly said he could not talk about certain things because they are under investigation by the Southern District of New York, is that not a red flag to the Trump Administration, to the president?”

“We don’t know what we are referring to, Bret,” Jordan responded. “Maybe he’s referring to the special counsel. We don’t know what he’s referring to. We didn’t get into some of these questions. We don’t know what the Southern District of New York or the special counsel’s office told him relative to what he could or could not say in today’s hearing.”

He also knocked Oversight Committee Chairman Elijah Cummings (D-MD) for the limited scope of the hearing before Baier once again attempted to get him to address the actual substance of the actions undertaken by the President of the United States:

“What about the specifics? I mean, I understand all of your points about credibility. I understand all of the things about undermining his veracity. He is a flawed, flawed witness. But what about the substance? I mean, the president writing a check to him while president for these payments, these eleven payments, that he says were to pay off stormy Daniels, and the other woman… is that not true?”

Jordan finally this in response:

“Michael Cohen said he’s the personal lawyer for the president. He said there was a retainer arrangement where he was paid these installments, these payments over the course of the time he was the person lawyer for the president and the Trump Organization. I don’t think that’s unusual. My guess is there’s all kinds of companies, all kinds of individuals who had a similar type of relationship. That’s what was brought out today… Where was the new news?”

Baier followed up by noting how Cohen said he has no firsthand knowledge of collusion nor has he ever traveled to Prague.

“But you said his credibility is shot, right?” he asked.

Jordan responded, “Every once in a while, you’ll get some truth from some people.”

At one point Baier asked him if Trump “has no fault here, nothing to worry about.”

“There was no new news,” Jordan said. “I think as one of my colleagues said, no new news but some fake news.”

You can watch above, via Fox News.

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