Bristol Palin: Mom’s Already Decided On Presidential Bid; ‘Absolutely’ Wants Her To Run

Bristol Palin is out promoting her new book chronicling her life since that fateful day Senator John McCain picked Sarah Palin as his running mate and thrust the Palin family into the national spotlight. Although Bristol told the Fox & Friends hosts her true thoughts about Levi Johnston (he’s a “gnat”) and Meghan McCain (she defines her whole life as being a politician’s child), what most people are interested in is whether Bristol can provide any clues to the future plans of her mother?

And in this interview she didn’t hesitate to say she “absolutely” wants her mother to run for President, specifically because their family will always get attention regardless, so they might as well do something good along the way. Yet even though the million dollar question of whether or not Sarah actually will run remains a mystery, Bristol provides one interesting nugget on whether or not her mother has made a decision:

“You know, she definitely knows. We’ve talked about it before. But some things just need to stay in the family.”

Brian Kilmeade eager for more information, joked in response “consider us family.” Therefore to recap, Bristol wants Sarah to run, and the Palin family already knows what Sarah’s decision will be. The only question remains is when Sarah shares that news with the rest of us? And yes, everyone is anxiously waiting.

Watch the clip from Fox News below:

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