Carl Bernstein: FBI Has ‘Serious Belief’ of ‘Active Coverup’ to Hide Trump Campaign-Russia Connection

If Carl Bernstein knows anything, he knows how anonymous sources can reveal how a high-level criminal cover-up can take an administration down. So when he stated that the FBI had a “serious belief” that there was an “active coverup” in the alleged coordination/collusion between the Trump campaign and a Russian effort to reveal the election last night on AC360, we take notice.

In a remarkably entertaining segment pegged to a CNN’s recent report, Bernstein dropped some knowledge about FBI suspicions. According the the Watergate legend, intelligence suggests that Russia tried to use advisers of Donald Trump to penetrate the presidential campaign.

Carter Page was named as one of these advisers, and the way he was referred to in the segment above, we hope that he was at a movie and not watching the panelists label him “an idiot” or even worse. Cooper wonder if he was a “useful idiot” who may have been unwittingly used as a compromised source of intelligence exchanged between Putin’s alleged efforts to interfere in the US Election and the Trump campaign.

Watch the segment courtesy of CNN.

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