Chris Hayes’ Surprising Defense Of Michele Bachmann: Liberals Shouldn’t Be Calling Her ‘Crazy’

Republican congresswoman Michele Bachmann is not running for reelection next year, and that has led to a lot of liberal cheering and reminiscing on the “craziest” things she’s ever said. One liberal not jumping on the bandwagon is MSNBC host Chris Hayes, who defended Bachmann from people calling her crazy, to the surprise of his guests, Joan Walsh and Dan Savage.

During a discussion on Bachmann’s announcement and her legacy in the Republican party, Hayes admitted he feels uncomfortable with liberal use of the word “crazy” to describe Bachmann.

“People call Michele Bachmann crazy a lot, people on our side, broadly, and it always drives me crazy a little bit because I just feel like that word has this kind of dismissive venom to it that doesn’t grapple seriously with someone who just has a set of beliefs.”

Savage and Walsh shot back by bringing up outlandish statements Bachmann has made in the past, with Savage remarking, “Occasionally, you have to call a nut a nut.”

Hayes also found it amusing that people were mourning Bachmann’s departure due to how much traffic she brings liberal websites. He remarked, “There is something about her as villain that is… massively compelling to people.”

Watch the video below, courtesy of MSNBC:


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