comScore Juliette Kayyem Says Rudy Giuliani 'Spewing Anti-Semitism'

CNN Analyst Says Rudy Giuliani is ‘Spewing Anti-Semitism and Hatred’: It ‘Surrounds This President’

CNN national security analyst Juliette Kayyem told Laura Coates that Rudy Giuliani should be called out for “spewing anti-Semitism” in a new interview.

America’s former favorite mayor used to know the rule of ‘you have the right to remain silent.’ He doesn’t exercise it ever, it seems in this case,” Coates quipped on CNN Tonight Monday, filling in for Don Lemon as the host.

Kayyem said she teaches a class on crisis management where she used Giuliani as an example and “I won’t be able to assign it again because the students now cannot perceive of him as a rational human being.”

Kayyem went on to denounce Giuliani for spreading conspiracy theories about liberal billionaire George Soros and proclaiming he was “more of a Jew” than him. Giuliani is not Jewish.

“I think it’s important that we call it anti-Semitic, just period. It’s the second night of Hanukkah. Giuliani is spewing anti-Semitism and hatred, and so I just think it’s important to call it that,” Kayyem told Coates and The Washington Post’s Philip Bump.

“It’s just hatred, which just surrounds this president and all of the people around him, which is just, you know–still jaw-dropping after all these years,” she continued.

“You got to call balls balls and strikes strikes,” Coates responded.

Watch above, via CNN.

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