CNN Anchor Shoots Down Pence For Parroting Trump’s Biden Conspiracy: ‘We All Know’ That ‘Pence is Lying’


Vice President Mike Pence joined the chorus of senior Trump administration members publicly parroting President Donald Trump’s debunked conspiracy theories regarding Joe Biden and his son’s position on the board of a Ukrainian company.

Pence’s comments appeared to take the breath away from CNN anchor Brianna Keilar who immediately called out the vice president for backing Trump’s baseless allegations.

“This is a very pivotal, interesting moment in all of this. He is all in with President Trump on what the president has been saying and as the president admitted, that he asked the Ukrainian president for dirt on his political opponent, Joe Biden.”

Pence told assembled reporters that he thinks, “Americans have a right to know if the vice president of the United States, or his family, profited from his position as vice president during the last administration.” He added, “the fact that my predecessor had a son who was paid $50,000 a month to be on a Ukrainian board at the time that Vice President Biden was leading the Obama Administration’s efforts in Ukraine, I think, is worth looking into.”

After receiving commentary from CNN colleagues Dana Bash and Chris Cillizza, Keilar reset the conversation in plainest terms possible.

“We all know for having covered Pence for so long, that Pence is lying, and that he knows that he is,” Keilar said. “I do not believe that Mike Pence… believes that what the president was saying was appropriate.”

“This is the cross that he bears,” Bash said. “He has decided that he is going to be loyal.”

Watch above via CNN.

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