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CNN’s Berman: No One Wants to See the President Attack the Media

CNN’s John Berman editorialized a bit Friday morning while narrating President Donald Trump’s boarding of Air Force One en route to the Boeing plant in Charleston, South Carolina. Right before a commercial break, the topic was Trump’s upcoming “weekly address” in light of Thursday’s highly eventful news conference.

And you do wonder what the talk has been inside the White House this morning, because … he claimed to be having fun during that news conference. You saw his smiles from his staff during the news conference itself. But it received mixed reviews, to say the least. There are a lot of people in Washington, in the media, who said this type of news conference isn’t helpful to the President of the United States. You wonder if they looked at that inside the White House and said “We’re gonna do that again. We liked that so much we’re gonna do that again.”

After some comments from co-anchor Poppy Harlow, Berman jumped back in, pointing out that Trump is now remembering to do the “presidential wave” every time he boards his plane, which he wasn’t doing in the first week or so of his term. Then, right as he went into the break, Berman shifted to the content of the address: “Going to talk about jobs, hopefully not criticize the media, that isn’t what people wanna hear.”

For the full context of Berman’s comments, check out the above clip.

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