Dem Rep Blasts GOP Questioning Hillary Clinton’s Concussion: Same People Said ‘Moon Landing Was Staged’

Chair of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee and Rep. Steve Israel (D-NY) slammed those advancing the notion that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s concussion and subsequent blood clot were staged. Some have claimed that the concussion which hospitalized Clinton has conveniently allowed her to avoid testifying before Congress regarding her knowledge of the deadly attack on an American consulate in Libya. Israel called this a conspiracy theory and said that the same people embracing this theory have alleged that the moon landing was a sham.

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Israel was asked about those who have suggested that Clinton’s concussion has been a convenient turn of events for her because it has allowed her to avoid testifying before Congress about her knowledge of the September 11 attack in Benghazi. Israel brushed that suggestion aside.

“That’s what’s wrong with Washington: people who invent conspiracy theories behind every cloud,” Israel said.

“These are the same people who said that the moon landing was staged on a Hollywood set,” Israel added. “Let this woman rest. Let her get well, and give her some space.”

Watch the clip below via MSNBC:

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