Don Lemon Goes Off On Tucker Carlson: ‘What If Someone Heckled You During Dancing With The Stars?’

Like many journalists in America, Don Lemon was not pleased with Daily Caller heckler Neil Munro‘s decision to start shouting at the President in the middle of the announcement of his new immigration measure. On his program last night, Lemon went after Munro for his “hissy fit” before the President and asked his boss, Tucker Carlson, to explain how he could be “proud” of Munro’s behavior. Lemon then took it a step further, asking how Carlson would have felt being heckled during his brief stint on Dancing with the Stars.

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After scolding Munro and his colleague Matt Lewis for defending him on CNN yesterday, Lemon turned to Carlson, whom he chided for “the audacity, as Editor in Chief of a website both those men work for, to defend such boorish behavior.” He put the situation in terms he believed Carlson could understand: “What is someone heckled you in the middle of your Dancing with the Stars routine?” Lemon asked, noting that Carlson was voted off on the first week of his season. “Someone needs to take a good, long look in the mirror ball,” he concluded.

Lemon also praised Sam Donaldson for distinguishing himself from Munro after Carlson compared him to his employee. “This is America, not a war zone, and we pride ourselves on civility,” Lemon argued.

The segment via CNN below:

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