Donald Trump’s Canceled RNC ‘Surprise’ Video Revealed On The Today Show

When Hurricane Isaac caused the Republican National Convention to cancel its first day of events last month, America was also deprived of a very special “surprise” from eccentric businessman Donald Trump.

But do not fear, America. Several weeks later, that special surprise video has turned up and the Today Show played it for our hungry eyes today.

As we predicted here before, the GOP-produced video shows Trump sitting behind his desk, a la The Apprentice, giving a harsh performance review to the President Obama impersonator sitting across from him. Trump gives “Obama” a verbal lashing for saying things like “the private sector is fine,” despite provided evidence to the contrary.

Naturally, the video ends with Trump delivering his signature line to the faux-president: “You’re fired!”

Watch below, via NBC:

[h/t Deadline]
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